Selena Gomez’s mother advised her not to work with Woody Allen

January 18, 2017 Articles

Selena Gomez’s mother said that she warned her not to work with Woody Allen in A Rainy Day. Allen has been accused of sexual misconduct by his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow.


Selena gomez’s mother mandy teefey has subsequently spread out about the musician’s debatable decision to paintings with woody allen, who has been accused of sexual misconduct.

The same vintage love hit maker’s mother Mandy said she attempted to convince her daughter it’d no longer be top to work with the filmmaker on a rainy day in big apple but it fell “on deaf ears”.

Writing a touch upon Instagram, Mandy cited, “nobody could make Selena do whatever she doesn’t need to. I had an extended speak along with her about not working with him and it didn’t click. There may be no fall person here. No person controls her. She makes all her own choices. No matter how tough you try to propose. It falls on deaf ears.”

The statement arrives about a month after Gomez and teefy made headlines for a reported fallout over the star’s courting with Justin bieber.

She said, “Selena can live her existence however she wants so long as she is glad, secure and healthy. She is 25 years vintage and knows what is at stake together with her fitness. I do now not manipulate her the way it’s been portrayed. Selena is an person and might make her very own choices.”

Selena Gomez’s

To get over their differences, Selena and mother Mandy have reportedly decided not to talk about her new relationship.

Meanwhile, the hit musician cast mates Rebecca Hall and Timothee Chalamet announced in Instagram posts in the last week that they regretted their decision to work with the director and that they’ll donate their salaries from the film to support efforts against sexual assault.


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